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"A collection of this size was never part of a grand plan, but is instead the culmination of a hobby that turned into a passion, and then snowballed into a veritable treasure chest of a hooch collection, I couldn’t imagine this 20 or 30 years ago.”

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Centuries of dust

"My oldest cognac dates to 1747, and my oldest bottle overall is a Madeira from 1715. There’s the six-liter bottle of cognac from 1795, said to have traveled with Napoleon’s army, and there are the shelves of prestigious bottles obtained from floundering fancy restaurants in need of a cash influx. There’s rum from 1780, some chartreuse here and assorted liqueurs there, and the occasional bottle of scotch. But primarily, Old Liquors has cornered the market on absurdly old cognac and Armagnac."

“It’s not about price; it’s about uniqueness. Some of these are the last bottles in the world.”



Bay van der Bunt


“My father and grandfather, everyone in the family drank cognac. If you smoked cigars, you drank cognac. My grandfather had hundreds of bottles in his cellar which he had been given by his father. He gave them to my father, and my father gave them to me, so collecting is something I have grown up with."




Bart Laming

Managing Director

“Since my involvement with the Old Liquors companies in the Netherlands, the USA and Hong Kong, I have been working on further professionalization and automation of the business processes for rare and old spirits, especially in the area of marketing, financial administration, stock management and logistics".





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