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Old Liquors Inc. is looking for a successful partner who has an understanding and appreciation for the market of rare spirits and fine wines.

Our Miami, Florida based company was established in 2017 in a mission to develop the USA market for rare vintage spirits and wines. Since then the company has obtained its import/ wholesale license from Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau and has successfully gone through the T.T.B’s label approval process for over 700 rare vintage spirits, amongst which the world’s oldest cognac from 1747.

In May 2019, the company will bring 10,000 bottles ($25,000,000) into the United States for which stock it seeks to develop U.S.-based distribution operations next to pursuing international sales. Our ideal partner provides storage space and access to an existing client base and distribution network.

Our partner would benefit from all the companies resources, technical knowledge, assets and fifty percent of profits gained from the leveraging thereof.

To ensure the comfort level of our partner, Old Liquors proposes the following:

  • • Our partner will be in control of all daily decisions relating to general management, sales, legal, warehousing and, distribution.
  • • No funding or buy-in required for existing stock assets.
  • • Includes a fully furnished tasting experience cellar that displays the 10.000 bottles ($25,000,000) of rare vintage liquors.
  • • Old Liquors Europe maintains a constant flow of new high quality, high margin additions to the collection.

Should you feel that your company can provide critical ingredients to a successful partnership, kindly call us at this number 954-607-7386 or email us at

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

How do we work?

How do we work

Selectively buying at reputable auctions, from trusted private individuals and well-known traders, always following Old Liquors' strict guidelines for provenance and quality.


How do we work

Keeping purchases out of the market for an extended period of time creating scarcity and possible price increase.
Storage in a conditioned experience cellar where we evoke the senses of buyers amidst 10,000 bottles.


How do we work

Using Sales Partners, Ambassadors, Direct Sales and Online Media to reach wealthy individuals, collectors, traders, exclusive restaurants, hotels and luxury liquor stores and at major international auctions.


Old Liquors scours the globe hunting for the rarest spirits and is able to generate margins that exceed expectations of shareholders and investors.

Market Prices Cognac

Market Prices & Segments

The market for Old Liquors is highly fragmented and has no large-scale players apart from ourselves. Market prices vary greatly depending on geography, bottle appearance and quality. Competitor stocks of collector quality bottles are negligible, and range from 10 to 100 units.


Frequently Asked Questions

Adding the most exclusive spirits in the world to your portfolio. Bringing some of the rarest spirits available to the USA consumer market. To achieve a dominant position in a super-premium segment with healthy margins, and to expand the product portfolio with higher-priced, flagship products. Without a major investment, adding a new segment of customers with a similar, yet distinct, set of needs. Customers who place value on the specific taste and appearance of the premium offering and are willing to pay a higher price.

Firstly the retail price of the rarest spirits in the world is determined by comparing them to similar bottles in the target market. The price of the collection is reached by adding up all individual retail prices.
There is added value that comes from the collection process; selecting ‘candidate’ bottles at auction and from private parties, purchasing them based on provenance and quality, the inspecting process, inbound logistics, warehousing, 360 photographing, presenting in brochures and website, media promotion and actual sales.
But in the end, it is the collections’ rarity, quality and availability in Miami that determines the real value of the collection. The biggest reason to invest is that the collection provides the ability to expand and widen the portfolio and reach the super-premium segment.

The label approval process for older bottles is identical to that of new wines & spirits. We have worked our way through the process and have over 100 labels approved. The oldest bottle being a 1747 cognac. Bottle sizes that are foreign to the United States (700ml) can be approved if they are bottled before 1980.

Yes if it is done via private import. It is not Old Liquors who imports the bottle, but the private customer. There is no federal limit on the amount of alcohol someone may import into the U.S. for personal use. The importer must be 21 to bring alcoholic beverages into the United States. Shipping alcoholic beverages through a courier is permitted, the alcohol does not need to accompany a traveler. Duty, Federal excise tax and Customs broker fees are paid by us in advance. State ABC laws govern how much alcohol a person may import without a license. Couriers accept shipments from holders of a basic permit, allowing Old Liquors to do direct deliveries.

Operation from an FTZ allows us to have all the bottles in Miami and to defer CBP import procedures and paying duties and excise until the bottles leave the FTZ and enter for consumption the U.S. Any warehouse can obtain an FTZ designation. Private import from the FTZ stock remains an option. But foremost an FTZ allows for flexibility i.e. the pursuit of U.S.-based distribution and international sales (re-export) at the same time. To be an FTZ operator, companies must first complete an application with Port Miami – the grantee of FTZ 281 – and then receive approval from US Customs and Border Protection. The expedited application process takes approximately 30 days

The cellar is modular and can be assembled on the spot. It represents a copy of the Old Liquors Cellar in the Netherlands. It is intended for mixed-use; showroom and warehouse. The 2000 square feet cellar facilitates 30-40 people for events and storage for 10,000 bottles. Shipment, construction and build-up of the cellar is paid for by Old Liquors.

Tasting Experience Cellar

Old Liquors Experience Center

Old Liquors Experience Center

Old Liquors Experience Center

Old Liquors Experience Center

Old Liquors Experience Center

Old Liquors Experience Center



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