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Brandstory Brillet

Brillet J.R.

J.R. Brillet, distiller in Graves-Saint-Amant (Grande et Petite Champagne) Brillet is an ancient and well-preserved name in cognac. Proud of its family tradition, Brillet Cognac insists that their history entirely is linked to that of Cognac. As early on as 1656, Guy Brillet installed his first Alembic (the classic still) at his property in the Grande Champagne.



An introduction of the double distillation process that creates cognac to this day.  In 1850, the family moved to Graves, east of Jarnac on the border of the Grande and Petite Champagne. The family has very modestly held this last date always as the date of establishment.



The Brillets live off their philosophy that things made with care are more valuable, sticking to traditional techniques of production and packaging. Their philosophy is not to impress through high maintenance or expensive containers, but rather through a simple and high-quality aesthetic: a real family business!


Ugni Blanc 

Brillet is not a bouilleur the Cru (distiller) in the strict sense of the word, as he is also a trader, yet the cognac of his grape plantations, more than 60 hectares in the Petite and Grande Champagne, is his main product. He only uses the grape Ugni Blanc and distills ' sur lie.' He makes both Petite champagne Cognacs and Grande Champagnes. His oldest Grande Champagne dates from the beginning of the 20th century. He also produces for Rémy Martin.



Range (Petite Champagne): Seltz, Sélection, Réserve Extra. Range (Grande Champagne): Grande Réserve Napoléon, Très Vieille Réserve, Hors d'Age, Héritage Brut de Fût, Réserve Limitée Ancestrale, Grande Siècle. Brillet has also created the brand Amundsen, for the Norwegian market. This brand is sold to Altia.


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