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Croizet Going Once....

Croizet Going Once....

A collection from the well known Dutch collector, Bay van der Bunt is to be sold at auction in Hong Kong on 8th December. This collection from Croizet one of the oldest Cognac companies contains vintages going back to the earliest days of the acclaimed French Cognac maker.

The collection was built over 40 years. Like with art, each bottle the collection has a provenance and is painstakingly authenticated before the acquisition. Remaining in a temperature controlled cellar, the bottles have been meticulously cared for ever. The Croizet collection has been carefully hand selected and prepared especially for the auction to be held at Grissini at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong on December 8th, 2018.

Commemorating the history of the house of Croizet

A unique collection spanning over two centuries of history from a prominent Cognac house.

The Croizet company was established in 1805 by Léon Croizet, a former sommelier in Napoléon I’s court. In 1871, the founder’s grandson, Benjamin Léon Croizet set about developing the business. From his hand are the Extremely rare Pre- Phylloxera Cognac vintages from 1805, 1830, 1865 and 1875 Chateau de Flaville (Lot #476, 481, 482, 477). All Cognacs, stem from before the dreaded pest ravaged the Cognac vineyards. They offer an exceptional taste sensation of years gone by as the rootstock for these Cognacs descent from Roman times.

Leon Croizet had the habit of receiving many guests at Chateau de Flaville and treating them to his pre-Phylloxera cognac's. He had two favorites, Vintage 1842 Paradis (Lot #481A) distilled by his Grandfather, Léon Croizet and another, Vintage 1860. The exquisite Chrystal Decanter bottled in 1997 (Lot #473) contains 1860 pre-phylloxera Cognac to commemorate Léon Croizet.

In the post-phylloxera period, B. Léon Croizet refused to let his estate die away. Instead, he planted experimental vines from America. To protect them, he built stone walls around specific small vineyards. Many vineyards owners adopted his techniques, and this helped to replant the vineyards of Cognac. From this period is the 1811 Grand Fine Champagne Reserve Royal (Lot #486). In recognition of his work, B. Léon Croizet was awarded in 1883 the Légion d’Honneur by the President of France. The Cognac Cuvée Legion d’Honneur in a beautiful presentation box (Lot #475) contains vintage Cognac from 1883 and commemorates this occasion.

At the end of the 19th century, Croizet Cognac was shipped all over the world. It won awards at the Universal Exhibitions of 1878 and 1900. The label of the Grand Fine Champagne Vintage 1875 (Lot #483) proudly list these awards. From the early 20th century are the Cognacs Grand Fine Champagne Bonaparte 1906 (Lot #484), and the Grand Reserve 1914 and 1928(Lot #487)

The stock of Croizet was meticulously administrated, so when the ban on selling vintages Cognacs came into place in 1962, Croizet was exonerated from this veto and was able to  release vintage Cognacs like the Borderies 1936 (Lot #474) and Grand Champagne 1938, (Lot #479), -1951, -1963 and, -1967(Lot #480).

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